With winter on the horizon, the Farmers’ Almanac has predicted a very grim outlook for the 2015 winter season. The new edition predicted temperatures below normal for 75 percent of the country, and the coldest temperatures were predicted around the Great Lakes and Northern Plains areas. Experts stated that no region would see above-normal temperatures for very long.

For those who are not fond of the winter months, this is not good news. The Farmers’ Almanac has been accurately predicting the weather for about 200 years. January and February are predicted to be extra cold. Predictions say that temperatures could drop as much as 40 below in the Northern Plains area. Experts said it would definitely be another year to add to the record books even if it is not as bad as the prior year. The eastern section of the country is expected to have many storms with snow and rain during the beginning of January and throughout part of February. The Southwest will have about a normal amount of precipitation. The Midwest and Great Lakes areas will have less than normal amounts of precipitation.

There are a total of 16 months of forecasts in the 2015 Farmers’ Almanac, and there is a map for the upcoming seasons. Zoned forecasts for every month are included for the country. For many years, readers have consulted and relied upon the Farmers’ Almanac to plan outdoor events and vacations. There is more than just a dismal outlook for 2015 included in the book. It also has articles to help people live a healthier lifestyle using organic foods. Readers will find natural remedies and ways to make their flu symptoms go away faster. From natural bug repellent to bringing good luck to the home, there is a solution for nearly everything.

Another inclusion that is new for 2015 is a disclaimer. There was an official El Nino warning issued from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration at the time the 2015 edition was published. That means there could be much more rain for Southern California than what is predicted, and it may also mean a milder winter for the Northwest. This would all affect the predictions set forth in the newest edition, but the experts still stand by their recommendations that people everywhere should stock up on firewood and warmer clothing to make it through the cold winter and stay warm.

Is your coverage up to the task of another tough winter? Now is a good time to review to be sure.  Let us know how we can help.

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