When you are enjoying the great outdoors, insurance should be the last thing on your mind. Rest assured that our professional agents, who are also avid outdoorsmen, have your interests fully protected—whether your business is a small hunting guide service or a world-class fishing or hunting lodge.

The Best Shot Insurance Program offers you an ideal opportunity to obtain the best-priced, most comprehensive outdoor-insurance program available. By working with us, you will have no need to look elsewhere for insurance for your guide, outfitter, hunting lease, campground, shooting range, gun club, fishing charter, hunting preserve, or lodge. We are keenly aware that as an outdoor recreational business owner, you may likely offer unique services or unusual benefits. Our experience has allowed us to compile information about your particular type of business and to tailor hunting or fishing insurance programs specifically for you, including tough-to-place Workers’ Compensation. We have access to those companies that specialize in your specific outdoor and hunting insurance needs. That’s why we call this your “Best Shot”—we go to work for you, liaising with multiple carriers to pinpoint the best hunting or outdoor insurance program to meet your needs.

Your Outdoor Insurance team not only understands your professional outdoor insurance needs, but on the personal level our team regularly participates in fishing and hunting recreational sports as well. We believe in preserving our ability to continue enjoying the great outdoors while keeping your business’s assets and interests protected.

Our outdoor insurance products include:

  • ATVs and off-road vehicle Insurance
  • Campers Insurance
  • Dog Trial Insurance
  • Firearms Accessories Manufacturing Insurance
  • Firearms Collection Insurance
  • Firearms Instructors Insurance
  • Firearms Retailers Insurance
  • Firearm Wholesalers and Distributors Insurance
  • Gunsmiths Insurance
  • Hunt Club & Lease Insurance
  • Master Policy Hunting Lease Liability Insurance
  • Outdoor Related Associations Insurance
  • Personal Firearms Protection Insurance
  • Paintball Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Additional products:

  • Aquatics, Pool and Beach Insurance
  • Aviation Insurance (commercial and private)
  • Backpacking and Hiking Insurance
  • Bed and Breakfast Insurance
  • Climbing Wall Insurance
  • Concert Insurance
  • Country Inn Insurance
  • Consulting Foresters Insurance
  • Country Inn Insurance
  • Cross-Country Skiing Insurance
  • Equine tours/stables/and related Insurance
  • Excess Insurance
  • Fitness Center or Spa Insurance
  • Golf Course Insurance
  • Guides/Independent Contractors Accident Insurance
  • Ice Skating Insurance
  • Kennel and Kennels Insurance
  • Kennel Club Insurance
  • Livestock Mortality Insurance
  • Liquor Insurance
  • Marina Insurance
  • Participant/Guest Accidental Insurance
  • Personal Liability Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • RV Park and Campground Insurance
  • Snow Sledding Insurance
  • Snowmobile Insurance
  • Special Events Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Trip Cancellation Protection Insurance
  • Umbrella Protection Insurance
  • Wagon or Sleigh Insurance
  • Waterslide or Water Park Insurance
  • Watercraft Insurance
  • White Water Rafting Insurance